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At Sequoyah County Rural Water District 4, we are committed to providing safe, high quality drinking water to our community, while maintaining a standard of excellence in customer service and environmental conservation.

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Fill the Swimming Pool!

July 25, 2019

    Summers in Oklahoma can be brutally hot!  And one of the best ways to find relief from the heat is to get in the swimming pool!  But how much water does that pool hold?  Filling a swimming pool…..even a small 4 foot by 12 foot pool….can be a scary task when you think of the impact to your water bill.

    Below is a chart to help you determine just how much you may need to fill your pool.  Please note….these are estimates for round pools only.  The actual amount used will vary for rectangular and in-ground pools and depending upon how high you fill your pool. (Click the "Read More" button below to view the entire table.)



48" Height 52" Height 54"...

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Safe Drinking Water

Safe Drinking Water

September 01, 2019

The last time you turned on a tap to brush your teeth, or fill a glass, or add 1/2 cup of water to a recipe, did you happen to wonder about the safety or cleanliness of the water? Almost certainly not. You didn't have to. You could rest assured that your drinking water was free from harm— untainted. This is one of the great privileges of living where we live . . . and when we live. 

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