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Fill the Swimming Pool!

    Summers in Oklahoma can be brutally hot!  And one of the best ways to find relief from the heat is to get in the swimming pool!  But how much water does that pool hold?  Filling a swimming pool…..even a small 4 foot by 12 foot pool….can be a scary task when you think of the impact to your water bill.

    Below is a chart to help you determine just how much you may need to fill your pool.  Please note….these are estimates for round pools only.  The actual amount used will vary for rectangular and in-ground pools and depending upon how high you fill your pool. 



48" Height 52" Height 54" Height
Pool Size U.S. Gallons Pool Size U.S. Gallons Pool Size U.S. Gallons
12' 3,400 12' 3,680 15' 5,980
15' 5,310 15' 5,750 18' 8,610
18' 7,650 18' 8,280 20' 10,620
21' 10,410 21' 11,270 24' 15,300
24' 13,600 24' 14,720 27' 19,360
27' 17,210 27' 18,630 28' 20,820
    30' 23,000 30' 23,900
    33' 27,830 33' 29,000

    If you have a larger pool, you might consider filling it over the course of two billing periods.  We normally read meters around the 20th of each month, however the date may vary based on weekends and holidays.  Please feel free to call our office and we’ll let you know when we plan to read meters….that way you can fill part of it right before we read your meter and finish filling after we read your meter. 

So, get that pool filled and enjoy the summer!